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    Muscles that help us move:
    • Financial strength: $ 300 Million turnover approx (2013).
    • Multinational team of professionals
    • Insight into USA, Canadian and European markets
    • Product design & development
    • Pre-positioning of raw materials


    Our menu:
    • Product silhouette

      Sportswear, Athletic wear, Denim jeans, T-shirts, Polos, Pullovers, Sweaters and Woven bottoms

    • Product Contents

      100% cotton, 100% synthetics, blends and performance fiber, fabric and finishes

    • Product Gender

      Men's, Women's and Kids

    • Country of origin

      Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan & Egypt

    • Duty Advantages

      For Europe: We offer duty free from Pakistan, Bangladesh & Egypt
      For USA: We offer duty free from Jordan and Egypt
      For Canada: We offer duty free from Bangladesh & Jordan



    Proactive for commitment:
    • Decentralized Management

      Each of our facility is an independent business unit to make quick decisions.

    • Contingency Management

      We offer relocation of resources to honor commitments.

    • Logistics Management

      Our locations are in logistic vicinity of either raw materials or export markets.