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Our Story

We started as an apparel buying house in 1992 and from the beginning our singular focus has been solving customer problems by offering “out of the box” sourcing solutions. With our head office in NYC and teams of people in S.E. Asia and the Middle East we offered a combination of flexibility and convenience that was unparalleled for it’s time.

Our commitment to our customers eventually led us to purchase our own factories in 4 strategically located jurisdictions; Pakistan (duty free access to Europe), Bangladesh (duty free access to Europe and Canada), Egypt (duty free access to USA) and Jordan (duty free access to USA and Canada).

Most recently we also added a design studio on the pacific west coast of Canada (Vancouver) and quick response sample units in Pakistan, Jordan and China.

Underlying all of our strategies is the belief that there is no single sourcing strategy that fits all –we are able to cater our solutions to our customer’s unique needs.

We are still a buying house with strong relationships globally but we are more than a buying house. We own some of our own factories but we are more than a direct manufacturer. We can offer world class trend services but we are more than a design house.

We do not fit in to a conventional box. We are exactly what you need us to be. We build “out of the box” customized sourcing solutions to fit our customer’s needs.

Case study – a large multi-national vertical retailer wanted to reduce their costs of goods by moving to duty free countries of origin but did not want to have to tax their internal sourcing team by dealing with too many vendors. We pre-positioned the raw materials and developed a multi-country sourcing option that saw the same style manufactured in Bangladesh (for Europe and Canada) and Egypt (for the USA). The net gain was an average duty savings of x.

You determine what is important to you and we bundle the resources we need to address your concerns.

And last but not least– we always have contingency plans to deal with the unexpected –if your customized solution ceases to work for you we change it and customize the solution for your new reality.